7 Reasons why the High Street Betters Online Retail

It is pretty common knowledge that the development of eCommerce and online shopping has helped with the slowing success seen by retailers on the high street. According to the Retail Think Tank (RTT) experts have put the recent high street chaos down to 2018 being the worst year for non-food retail since the financial crisis. While additional factors such as Brexit and consumer uncertainty are at the forefront of the reduction in retail footfall, it is online that has stood the test of time and taken the most consistent blame for the current situation. Studies show that the consumer is […]

High Street 2.0

Google “ the high street is dead’ and you are returned with more than 600 million results. That’s some grim reading. Since the start of 2018 Toys R Us and Maplin have gone into administration. Pressure is on the likes of New Look, Carpet Right, Mothercare, Moss Bros, and Prezzo to close stores. Debenhams and Next have recently reported slumps in profits.  Jamie’s Italian and Byron Burgers have already launched CVAs. Swimming against the tide. Any marketing efforts to attract customers are haemorrhaged through complex and hidden chains of margin stealing in the ad chain, agencies loyalty to existing trading relationships, […]

The High Street is not Dead

Dead. Google “retail is dead” and you’re faced with sifting through 26,800,000 search results. As a strategist working with retailers day-in day-out this is either a very bad thing or a very good thing, depending on which way you look at it. It’s difficult to deny the headlines. The past twelve months have seen the controversial demise of BHS; poor profit results from John Lewis, Dixons Carphone, and Mothercare; Toys R Us axing a quarter of its UK stores; and The Economist predicting that Britain, in the wake of Brexit, is set to become the world’s third slowest growing retail […]

2.1 Billion to Use Mobile Payments Next Year: Juniper Research

A huge chunk of the world’s population will use mobile wallets make payments or send money next year, according to a new market forecast from Juniper Research. In fact the firm says that a huge chunk of the population is already doing so, asserting that 1.6 billion consumers used mobile wallets at the end of last year. Looking ahead, Juniper Research says this number will rise to 2.1 billion consumers in 2019, an increase of 30 percent. It sounds like good news for Apple Pay and Google Pay, but it’s particularly good news for PayPal, which Juniper Research says will lead the pack. […]

These Mobile Marketing Tips Can Prep Small Businesses For The Future.

Originally hosted : http://www.fourthsource.com/small-business/6-mobile-marketing-trends-for-small-businesses-in-2018-22697 on 16th April, 2018 Mobile has been moving fast, really fast. We’d place it somewhere between an Aroldis Chapman fastball and Superman when he flew fast enough to reverse the spin of Earth to turn back time. If digital marketers could set back time, they’d use their knowledge of future trends to maximize their mobile marketing efforts. That’s why it is so important to look ahead at the remainder of 2018 and beyond to see the mobile marketing trends that are coming down the track. Any good marketer knows that the sooner you can begin preparing for the future, the […]

Cashierless Convenience Stores: Fad or Future?

By Tammy Mastroberte, Convenience Store News – 16/04/2018 NATIONAL REPORT — Amazon made headlines recently with the opening of its Amazon Go store, featuring a grab-and-go concept with no checkout or cashiers. The entire store is run on proprietary technology, which the company calls “Just Walk Out Technology,” as it automatically detects products taken off and returned to the shelves, and adds them into a virtual cart for automatic checkout using the Amazon Go app on the customer’s phone. “The whole concept of the cashierless convenience store is about convenience to the customer, and what is our most precious asset as an […]

Mobile Wallet Guide: Google Pay vs. Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay

Image credit: wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock Paper money is so 2015. Just pull out your phone and click to pay. But which app should you use? You don’t need to carry a bulky wallet filled with numerous credit and loyalty cards or cash. With a mobile wallet, you simply use your smartphone to pay for transactions. Most electronic wallets are free. To begin using this method of payment, you simply download an app on your smartphone. Many of these apps, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, are becoming increasingly popular and compatible with many merchant card readers, credit cards and […]

Why businesses need to urgently update and upgrade their mobile strategy

More and more people are using mobile devices to browse and search the internet and small business owners must ensure their websites are attracting these potential customers. Recently I asked eight small business owners to draw the homepage of their website. All eight drew their website’s homepage as if it was being viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. Not one of them drew their site as if it was being viewed on a smartphone. My point was proven – many small business owners are not “mobile first” in their thinking about their website or their business’s digital presence. The […]

Delivering optimized media-rich content for mobile

How to deliver visually rich user experiences on mobile without dragging down page performance. Originally Posted on  https://marketingland.com/delivering-optimized-media-rich-content-mobile-236556 on March 28, 2018 We all know the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” meaning that a complex idea can be conveyed in just one image. The phrase was made popular nearly 100 years ago in an article about the power of images in advertisements, and the sentiment rings just as true in today’s always-on digital age. It’s been said that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text, and research supports that images directly impact mood and […]

Subway serves up token-based mobile loyalty program

Subway, the world’s biggest fast-food chain with 44,000 locations worldwide, plans to roll out a loyalty program in the U.S. and Canada next month to offer flexible points for repeat customers. People can enroll in Subway MyWay Rewards in the Subway app, online or in a restaurant using a Subway card, according to a company press release. The program lets customers earn four tokens for every dollar they spend at the restaurant, regardless of how they pay: via the mobile app, gift card, credit card or cash. Once they earn 200 tokens, customers automatically receive $2 off any menu item. The […]